Number 18: Watch the Godfather

Movies are not really my thing. I go to the movie theatre maybe twice a year and rarely do I get the urge to pop in a movie at home. I think I own about 4 DVD’s. Jake on the other hand enjoys watching movies and quoting from them on a regular basis. I usually just give me him a confused look and move on.

However, I realized there are some classics out there that I should add to my repertoire. So Jake and I cleared an afternoon  (it’s a long movie) and sat down to watch the Godfather part 1. The movie was good, it was fun to see so many big name actors when they were so young. I wouldn’t call it my favorite movie but it kept my attention and was entaining.

The Godfather is movie that is referenced often so I am glad that I watched it. I do plan to watch the second one as well – Jake says 3 isn’t worth my time.

This was a small and relaxing item off the list……………onto number 17

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