Number 20: Play with a rubix cube

I decided to add a little child’s play into the list. As a child I remembering seeing a rubix cube in our house but I don’t remember playing with it. At first I was a little concerned I wouldn’t be able to find a rubix cube, these days every toy either makes noise or connects wirelessly. Gosh do I sound old!Anyway, I was happy to see the rubix cube on Target’s shelf – although right next to it were 2 electronic versions of the rubix cube. I skipped over the electronic and went for the plain rubix cube, what a purest I am and a cheapskate. The electronic versions were over 20.00 dollars, rubix cube with no bells and whistles 8.99!

When I found some free time (kind of difficult these days) I opened the package and twisted the rubix cube so all the colors were mixed up and then I set to work on solving this puzzle. Ironically on the night I opened my rubix cube Jake and I caught the end of a documentary on kids who went to speed rubix cube competitions. Well let me tell you those kids could have beat my butt at rubix cube solving. It took about 10-15 minutes to get it fully solved. Guess I have ways to go before I can take on the 12 old champion who solved it in like 30 seconds.

Number 20 was fun break from the ordinary. Actually I have heard that you should do puzzles and word games to keep your mind sharp. So the purchase of the rubix cube was an investment in my mental health and at 8.99 a steal. Feel free to stop by for some brain sharpening any time!

Onto 19 – into the teens we go……………………….


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