Number 21: Drink a non-alcoholic beer

I recently bought some O’Doul’s to take to a trivia night as joke for my sister in law who is pregnant. We posed for pictures with it but didn’t drink of them that night. As the beers sat in our fridge I decided what the heck lets crack one open. To me it tasted like a beer, I don’t really think I could pass a taste test between a real beer and this “fake” beer. It does in fact have a some alcohol in it about 0.4%. I was under the impression it did not have any – especially since when  I bought it I didn’t get carded and I always get carded. Jake thinks this is a sign of my age and not the alcohol content. I have decided not to listen to him.

It does have a slightly different taste but it tastes like beer. I wouldn’t choose as my next beer of choice but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I even made beer bread with it and the bread tasted as if I had used a regular beer. We still have 3 more in the fridge if anyone is interested.

Moving right along to number 20!


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