Number 22: Rent a bag from Bag Borrow or Steal

For all those Sex and the City fans you may remember hearing the website Bag Borrow or Steal mentioned in the first movie. For all those who are not in “the know” Bag Borrow or Steal (BBS) is website that allows you to rent designer handbags such as Coach, Kate Spade, Burberry etc for a small fee. You rent on a weekly basis and can keep the bag as long as you wish to pay the rental fee. During your rental period you can decide to buy aka steal the bag – which means you pay for it and keep it.

I decided since I am always drooling over Coach purses I would try out the website. I learned a few things on this journey; if you don’t have a membership (yearly cost of 60.00) you can’t put any bag on a wait list but you can still borrow available bags. For example, as you browse the site the status of the bag is listed as borrow or wait list. Wait list means someone is currently borrowing the bag. The longer you rent the bag the more equity you earn towards purchasing the bag.

So I put my dream of a Coach purse on hold because all the ones I liked were currently being borrowed and I was not ready to commit to a membership. I browsed a for a little longer and found a cute pink Kate Spade purse for 9.00 a week plus shipping.

The bag arrived pretty quickly in plain brown box. The purse was wrapped in tissue paper, was in the dust bag and looked brand new. I switched all my necessary items from old purse to my “new purse” – see the fabulous fashion shoot below! 🙂

I carried the bag for several days and then it was time to box up the bag and send it back home. Returns are free, all you have to do is print out the shipping label and box up the purse. Before you select the return box on the website they tempt you with a discounted buy it now price. The discounted price on the purse I rented was 285.00. The purse was cute but not that cute – especially since we had a pretty large Cardinals post season bill this year!!

This was fun and it felt trendy to be caring a designer bag. I would definitely consider getting a membership. I like to swap out purses on a regular basis but hate buying them. This gives you the opportunity to try a purse out and see if it fits you. I will admit I was a little more nervous carrying this purse as opposed to my 20.00 Target special. Usually I just throw my purse in the car when I get in, with this purse I gracefully set it on the seat.  I was a little worried I was going to spill something on it or damage it in some way. Besides that it was a good experience. If you change your purse with your outfits I would recommend this. Plus when you sign up for the 60.00 membership you get a 60.00 credit towards future rentals and as you rent you earn cash rewards. They have a great selection and it might just help me get the Coach bag I have always wanted.

 Onto number 21, what could it be!!???


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