Number 23: Be in a flash mob

Every year my company has a company picnic, it is an afternoon filled with food, drinks and fun. This year I found out through the grapevine that an ultra secret flash mob was planned to take place as the opening ceremonies started. Right away I knew I wanted to be a part of it. The group met 2 times a week in the company fitness room for about a month before the picnic. We slowly learned the moves than began putting them music. We had a local professional dance teacher teaching us the routine.The song was I need a hero since the theme of the picnic this year was superheroes.
This was super fun besides be able to get a way from my desk for the 30 min practices I also got to meet people that I had never met before and might not have met had I not participated in this event.
As the day of our “performance” got closer we were all nervous but excited.  On the day of the picnic as the opening ceremonies began everyone in attendance gathered around the stage to hear the opening remarks. Our group was among those gathered near the stage. As the opening remarks began our song started playing much to the surprise of those on the stage and away we went. The crowd around us was pretty surprised as well. After we were done the crowd went crazy.
This was very cool to be a part of  and I was glad I had the courage to do it! Below is the flash mob as filmed by someone who was standing nearby. Can you find me? Hint I had a superwoman in front of me.
Onto number 22 – almost out of the 20’s!

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