Number 26: Have an old tyme photo taken

I am really surprised that I had not done this one. My family goes on vacation near Branson every year and we never had one of these done even though Branson is sooo touristy.

While we were on vacation in Tennesse several people in our group wanted to get an old tyme photo taken — and by several I mean the girls the boys were not excited about it. Jake hates to smile in pictures so I thought this might be right up his alley but he still as not into this activity.

We had a lot of activties to pack into just a few days so it was only a small group that had the photo taken. It was fun to dress up and use the different props they had available. The photographer took several shots both serious and smiling. I think a good time was had by all. It was hard to choose which photo was the best. Below is the one that we bought. I don’t think I will be displaying it in our home anytime soon but it’s a fun keepsake from our vacation.

I would do this again, it is still fun to play dressup even as an adult. Oh and the store where we had our picture taken also took Shaq’s old tyme photo!

Number 25 here we come……………………………

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