Number 27: Buy a pair of shoes online

When it comes to buying online I am all for it – for the most part. I am afraid to buy shoes online. If you look in my closet you will see that I have a variety of sizes. I don’t have a shoes size. I have a “depends on the shoe” size. But I have been in search for a pair of cupcake flip flops and the only place I could find them was online – Ebay to be exact.

So I too the plunge and put in my bid on the womens 7/8 flip flops – with the shipping they were only about 16.00. I thought it was worth a shot for under 20.00. Luckily I won the auction and the flip flops were shipped out to me.

They arrived last week and I love them. They fit very nicely and are super cute. I will have to watch the cupcake pieces at the top of the shoes. They are glued on but I not sure how securely.

I wanted these flip flops because I love cupcakes and I wanted something simple and not to flashy or kiddish. Plus they are pink!

This shoe buying experience was a good one but it still does not make me want to make my shoe purchases online. I think I may try another here or there but online will not be my main shoe source.

Can you believe we are on the way to number 26 (I was 26 once….)


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