Ahhhhh memories!

Recently a friend of mine sent me her list of “St. Louis” things she wanted to do in order to help me get ideas for my list (please keep the ideas coming). As I looked at her list I found that I had done a lot of the things and it brought back so many memories – both good and bad. For example, sledding on art hill. I remember the cold snowy day my best friend Liz and I were sledding and on one particular run hurdled over the snow bank onto the frozen lake. Thankfully the ice didn’t break but my butt was bruised for months!

Another was paddle boating in Forest Park. Jake and I did this one night as part of picnic and paddle boat promotion. We had a lot fun sipping wine and paddling around the park.

And what St. Louis to do list doesn’t have the Cardinals-Blues- Rams game item.  I have so many memories of attending St. Louis supporting events. The day Jake and I officially became boyfriend and girlfriend we went to a Cardinals game. My first ever Cardinal game my dad took me to see Fredbird – I tried to give Fredbird a dollar but he wouldn’t take it. Although I don’t remember this it was a story my dad would often bring up and smile. I can’t help but laugh and cry when I think of the nights we spent at Cardinals games – I think that sealed the deal on being daddy’s little girl once I became a die hard Cardinals fan.

When I look at the list I think I smiled more than I cried when thinking of the memories behind each item. I have always loved St. Louis and can’t imagine living anywhere else. The city offers a lot and growing up with the wonderful family and friends that I have I was able to experience a lot. Perhaps this list of mine is not only about trying new things but making memories that will last a lifetime. Although I would like to forget the oyster!


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