Number 33: Scuba Dive

Thanks to Groupon I was able to sign Jake and me up to learn how to scuba dive. We got an overview of how the equipment works and the techniques for breathing and then we suited up and jumped into the….pool. Yes we were scuba diving in a pool. We are pretty limited here in St. Louis. But we had on wet suits, the air tanks, masks and flippers just like we were out in the ocean.

It took a little getting used to breathing with air tank on but after a while we were both just swimming around the bottom of the pool and occasionally tossing around some underwater toys.

We had a good time but I don’t know if I would be able to scuba dive in the ocean. The decent to the bottom of the 9ft pool was giving my ears trouble.

This was a fun activity but the next time I try this activity there better be beaches surrounding the water and a drink with an umbrella in it waiting for me.

See you at number 32!!

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