Number 35: Smoke a cigar in a cigar lounge

This is a delayed list item. I debated with myself on this one. I think during my “younger” years I may have smoked a cigar— but the ones you get from the gas station aka cheap!
When Jake and I were in St. Kitts the hotel had a cigar lounge. This means the place is full of cigars ranging in price and people go there to smoke and drink. Jake is a big fan of the cigar, me not so much. The smell seeps into everything worse than cigarettes – at least in my opinion. But being the wonderful wife that I am I agreed to smoke a good cigar and smoke the entire thing in the cigar lounge.

I made Jake pick out the cigar that I should smoke. He picked out a small one for me — I didn’t even know they came in sizes!

After he chose the cigars we got our drinks – red wine for me and a gin and tonic for him. We made our way out to the outdoor patio to enjoy the Caribbean night air.

Jake had to light my cigar and I began my first cigar smoking experience.

The verdict – IT. WAS. GROSS!!  I did smoke basically the entire thing and then vowed this was a one and done experience. On a positive note the red wine I had was amazing!

                                                       At least one of us enjoyed their cigar

The two of us with our cigars and drinks – Jake likes to make fun of me because I am holding the cigar upside down

Hopefully number 34 will be a more enjoyable experience. See you soon!


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