Number 36: Keep score at a baseball game

(Notice I am wearing gloves and a sluggie at a May 16th game!!)

If you know me you know I am huge fan of Cardinals baseball. Whenever we go to the game I always see people with their score cards and books so I thought I need to try this.

It was fun but it was also more work then I expected. See I tend to watch the game, the people around me, the other players etc. Sometimes I am not totally focused on the game. But when you keep score you need to see where the ball goes, who caught it, who threw it to who and so on.

I enjoyed this one not only because keeping score is one of the older traditions of baseball but because Jake helped me. He is usually very hard to talk to at a baseball game  – very focused on the game where as I like to watch the game and chit chat as well. I can see myself keeping score more often – hopefully I won’t have to wear my gloves the whole season.

Till we meet again at number 35……………………………

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