Number 37: Bid (and win) at a live auction

Jake and I recently attended the St. James annual auction. We were lucky enough to be invited to sit at the VIP table- which also meant our tickets were free and we could spend a little more on silent auction items.

We had a great time bidding and checking on our items to see if we had been outbid. We also had a great time with everyone at our table including my very good friend Liz and her husband Rob who came in from Texas! Things really started heating up once the live auction began.

After watching the bidding for several items and seeing that items were going at least 1 or 2 bids past the opening bid it popped into my mind that I had never bid at a live auction. So Jake and I choose an item that I could START the bidding on. My goal was just to bid not to win. Well the auctioneer (Kim Tucci -owner of The Pasta House) announced the next item and the opening bid 400.00. My bid paddle shot up and I was announced as the current highest bidder! Woo-hoo. Then silence as he asked for a second bid. At this point my heart rate went up just a tad and I could see Jake giving me a look. Still more silence until finally he closed the bidding and I was the winner.

What did I win? A cooking class for 8 in The Pasta House test kitchen. We get to learn how to make the special sauce, have a meal some wine and walk away with a goodie bag. Apparently it is a really fun thing to do and was a bargain. Plus all the money is going towards St. James school. I keep mentioning that to Jake.

It was a fun and expensive night, besides my live auction win I had several silent auction wins as well! Thanks to the Owen family for letting us sit at your table!

Number 36 coming soon……………………….


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