Number 38: Have a garage sale

This item was exhausting! When I came up with the idea for a garage sale I knew I would need more stuff to sell. I do have a lot of junk – but I am not willing to part with a lot of it. I asked family and friends for donations to help make my garage sale a success. Because I was asking for people to donate I decided to donate all my funds to the American Cancer Society. My family and friends came through in a big way both with donations and letting me borrow tables to display everything. My mom and Jake even got up at 5:30AM to help me set up and sell.

The day started off with rain but luckily everything fit nicely into our carport. The crowds were a little slow in coming but as the sun came so did the people. We ended up making 82.00!

(My mom and Jake helping set up)
This item took several months to complete gathering items, pricing, advertising etc. I am glad that it is over! However, we did make some people smile when they found out where the proceeds were going. All the left over items went to Goodwill to help make someone elses day a little brighter.
Onto number 37…………………………..

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