Number 41: Run

(A picture of Dan and I after he was done running–thanks to Liz Rutherford for my birthday gift card that allowed me buy my running attire)

I know sounds simple right? How could I have not run before? Well by run I mean an organized, more than a mile fun run/walk situation. I have never been a runner, it never sounded fun to me. Heck I played golf in high school – the only non-running sport.

However, my sister-in law persuaded me (and Jake) to join her and my brother as part of a marathon relay team. This takes the 26.2 miles of a marathon and divides it by 4 – so the first runner runs 6 miles the 2nd 7 miles the third 7.2 miles and the last one runs 6.

When she first asked me to do this I hesitated. I am in OK shape, I workout but I don’t run and I can’t really run for long periods of time. I was very nervous,\ but started training — mostly indoors on the treadmill since it was January. This was tough for me because I am very into cardio not staying in place watching the miles tick by. Eventually I was able to start running on the trail by our house. I enjoy running outside much better. Trying to find the time to get out and run with my busy schedule was difficult but I got such a rush after a run that it made me keep going. I found that I liked getting out and pushing myself to keep the running up longer than the walking. I had my iPod play list loaded with plenty of upbeat songs as well as some musical tunes. They helped to keep my mind off the running – to think about being a Broadway star or singing back up with Nelly.

When race day arrived I felt more confident then I did when we first signed up. I knew however long it was going to take me didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was that I completed my piece and finished the 6 miles. Luckily I got to run the first leg. I did a fair amount of running. The adrenaline of the day gets to you and with 18,000 runners surrounding you you want to push yourself. I ran my 6 and handed off the “baton” to Sharon. She was supposed to hand off to my brother who in turn would hand off to Jake then we would all run the last little bit to the finish line as team.

Well due to the extremely hot weather race organizers made runners divert to a different course which caused her to not hand to my brother. There were people getting IV’s on the side of the road due to dehydration. The officials told my brother to start earlier than expected. Eventually we all met up and were able to meet Jake to run to the finish line. It was an exhausting day but it was fun. Not only did I knock something off my list I had my husband, my brother and my sister in law supporting and encouraging me the whole way. Even my mom came out (in the crazy crowds) to watch us run. Having all these people around me on this journey was great and I love each of them so much.

I am now debating running a half marathon in October. I guess the running bug bit me! If you want to join me let me know.

I have to give a big shout out to my cousin Bridget who ran a half marathon the same day we ran the relay. She was running hers in Florida but together as a family we were all pushing ourselves.

Hmmm what will number 40 be???


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