What’s an anniversary without gifts???

Jake and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary on the 29th. We have decided that we are going to follow the traditional gift list for anniversaries. This year the gift is something leather. Well let me tell you I was stumped on what to get Jake. He doesn’t care a briefcase and I thought a belt was way to boring. After months of thinking and lots of Googleling I came up with a great idea —-leather bookends! Ok so after thinking up this great idea I had to find leather bookends, which I thought would be easy! Think again! It took about a week to find sites that even sold them. I did come across a lot of sites that sold them but in bulk and all I needed was one set. I eventually found some useful sites but once I got them ordered they were out of stock so I tried another site got my order in and again they were out of stock. So I jumped on Ebay and there they were leather bookends (at a price I could afford) and added bonus they held pictures. I decided to put sections of the Modern Library’s top 100 books. The list Jake and I reading. To round out the leather extravaganza I got him a leather box personalized with Jake’s tickets to store his collection of ticket stubs. Now I know you are all curious as to what he gave me. Well I got………………………..A leather bound family chronicle.

The book has a page for everyday so I can added the year and what made the day so special. It also includes sections to record our family trees, our traditions, issues and new items for the year, the cost of goods and services for specific year. At first I was a little confused but then when I caught onto the concept I was in love. I like to document our life and keep track of the special moments in our life. This book will allow us to do that our entire lives. It will be so fun 10 years from now to see what our big worries were, to relive trips we have taken, to remember good times with family and friends and to see what adventures we have had. The husband gets major points for this one!

Next year is silk/linen gifts……………………I better go start Googleling!!

Here are a few pictures of the sections. I can’t wait to start writing!!


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