Number 43: Make a microwave cupcake

My friend Michelle sent me the link with instructions on how to make a microwave cupcake.
How could I not try this??? First off when I see the word cupcake I am hooked then microwave!! As many of you know I absolutely suck at cooking – I would have starved in college if my parents hadn’t bought me a microwave. In fact I would still starve today if we didn’t have one in our house. Although I have made some fabulous Tastefully Simple meals (shameless plug – have a party and see how easy it is!) Anyway being a cupcake lover and microwave connoisseur I had to take a shot at this.
So I mixed the ingredients, poured it into a mug and put it in the microwave. I have to admit I did not have high hopes for this cupcake. But………… was delicious and was the perfect size for settling a cupcake craving. The cake was fluffy and I would have thought it was baked in the oven – minus the paper cupcake holder– but who needs those anyway? I would recommend trying this.


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