Number 44: Attend Burlesque Bingo

I heard about this from a friend of mine who regularly attends and thought it might be fun. So I grabbed a bunch of girl friends and we gave it a whirl. We all had a great time – especially since they serve ice cream martinis! You play Burlesque Bingo with the Bingo card you would use anywhere. However, there is a lot more audience participation involved. They give you a list of sayings to shout out when a certain number is called. For example when they call O65 you scream welcome to retirement. They do have more racy sayings as well šŸ˜‰ If you only need one more number to win then you yell out hotbox! When you win you must parade around the room while the crowd shouts Bingo Bitch and throws their ripped up cards at you. Between rounds they have a Burlesque Dance number. Although you are not winning large cash prizes, they are more joke gifts, it is a fun entertaining night that I would recommend and am looking forward to doing again.

What could number 43 be???? Confused what these numbers mean see my post titled 2011 Rolling Right Along (in January).


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