Number 45: Take a wine class

Yes, I drink wine but I am not a swirler or smeller or a spitter. I usually just pick the cheapest one on the menu or buy it because it’s called Cupcake wine.

A local wine store near our house offers a variety of classes so I signed Jake and I up for the class on French wines. We got to taste 8 different wines a mix of white and red and even a sparkling wine. I am usually a red drinker but we tasted a Chardonnay that was amazing. We also had a red that was awful – it left debris in the glass!

Along with tasting the wine we got a history of french wines and about the different regions in France that produce the wine. I learned that wine making in France is taken VERY seriously most of the current laws are the laws they created when they first started to bottle wine. The French don’t follow trends each region has the wine they produce and they stick to it. They don’t worry about what is making the most money – they only care about the wine.

Another item learned – I could never be a sommelier. We only tasted 8 wines and if you had set them down in front of me I wouldn’t be able to tell you which was which. Well ok maybe I would be able to tell the Chardonnay from the Merlot – but a lot of that is based on color. It would be a hard job and again I am not a fan of the spitting.

We had fun and learned a thing two but I am no expert — and truth be told I will probably still go for the cheapest wine on the menu – maybe now I will pick the cheapest French wine on the menu.

à la tienne (Cheers in french)

what could be next stay tuned for 44……………………….

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