Getting my bake on…

Nope not a list item but I do have some items coming so stay tuned! Since I have started selling Tastefully Simple and people are going to have questions about the products. I decided to start making some the recipes listed on the Tastefully Simple website. What better weekend to start making sweet treats than Valentines Day!

I started off making lemon poppy seed almond pound cake for my Valentine. He may not have a sweet tooth but tell him you have lemon poppy seed and pound cake he is all over it.

Then I decided to share my baking with my co-workers by making cranberry and oat scones.

Each was a big hit! And the best part all I had to was mix and stir and pop in the oven. This was super fun especially using the cookie cutters we got for our wedding. I like the fact that I made it and it tastes good. My co-workers were really excited to – they know my challenges with cooking.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day! I love that you are reading my blog.

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