Number 48. Sit in a box at Scottrade.

Number 48. Sit in a box at Scottrade.

Way back in 2010 I entered a raffle at work. Being the wonderful wife I am I skipped over putting my tickets in the bin for coach purse or limo service and put all my tickets in the Blues ticket bin. And…..I won the two tickets in the Maritz box for the January 18th game.

We had a great time enjoying the food and drink and oh yeah the hockey. There we chicken fingers, toasted ravioli, some sort of sausages that I took for hotdogs but were not hotdogs, fruit, chips, cookies and brownies. Then of course there was a selection of beer, hard liquor and soda – but they were Pepsi products 😦 so I stuck with beer.

The box was nice I daresay even a little nicer than the box at the Cardinals games. If we could go to every hockey game like that I am sure I would love hockey!

47 more to go! Plus the Blues won!!


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