Back in the….feis of things

About 2 years ago I started Irish Dancing again after a friend of mine opened her own dance school. This was just a way to reconnect with all my old dance buddies and get some much needed exercise. I became involved in helping with the float for St. Pats and other fundraisers and performances. Well a group of us have decided to take it one step further and compete! I am only competing as part of a team dance or ceili.

Our ceili is an 8 hand something….dance to be determined this weekend. For those of you who are not down with Irish Dance lingo — there are several 8 hands we could dance to compete at the feis with (a feis is an Irish Dancing competition). But what is a team without a name right? At our first meeting we threw out several ideas but the best was the Shilladies. One of the girls in the group thought up this wonderful name. Already we have planned on getting this name on everything – t-shirts, headbands you name it. And of course there have to be professional photos. I will be sure to keep you up to date on our competing future. We are all former dancers so we just need to get back in the competition mindset – so we probably should stop having team meetings at McGurks!


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