Number 49 – Use a Redbox

I drive or walk by at least one Redbox a couple of times a week but have never rented a movie from one. I do admit that I did once try to buy a movie from one – without success. Right when Redbox came out and were only located in McDonald’s restaurants they offered a special edition Cardinals DVD. Jake just had to have one and was worried they would run out before he could get one. Well I followed the instructions scanned my credit card and got….nothing! I had to call the Redbox help line on my cell phone while the McDonalds workers stared at me. I walked out that no with DVD and credit on my account.

This time I went to the Redbox chose my movie, watched it and returned it the next day without any mishaps! I must say that I am now in love with Redbox renting and returning was super easy plus you get email confirmation that you have rented and then another when you return. The selection is great for me because I am always behind the times when it comes to movies so everything is new to me. And the best part is that renting is only a 1.00!!!

I plan to use Redbox again and would recommend to any Redbox virgins out there.

2 items down 48 more to go……………………


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