Thank you Carrie Bradshaw

Jake spent the day in Cape on Saturday and amazingly I had no where to be so I rented a few movies I knew he would never watch with me and had a “me” day. One of the movies I rented was Sex in the City 2.

While it was not the best movie ever,there were some parts that I really related to. In one scene Carrie and Big are at a wedding, another couple asked them how long they had been married and when they were planning on starting a family. They both said they were not having kids and the couple gave them a strange look. As someone who has been on the receiving end of that look I felt their pain. I know, I know these aren’t real people but it was comforting to know that we are not the only couple feeling this way. That some writer took the time to show on the big screen that sometimes just being a twosome is right for some people. Throughout the movie you see that Carrie and Big are making their own rules for marriage and enjoying the life they are building. I seriously wanted to cry – even though this wasn’t a crying movie. I often don’t relate to characters in movies but this time I felt like jumping through the TV and hugging Carrie. For once I didn’t feel like a freak because my idea of marriage and a happy life were different that most of the world. Although I do not relate to her fashion at all – I don’t think I would wear most of her outfits for Halloween.

I also found it interesting about the relationship dynamic between Carrie and Big. There are several scenes where he is laying on the couch happy to just be sitting together and she is ready to go out. Jake and I experience these same feelings. We love being together, sometimes we just have different ideas on how to be together. Although I would not give this movie any Hollywood awards (Oscar, Golden Globe, etc) I would give it two big thumbs up for helping me feel better about who I am. I was not expecting that when I rented this movie

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