A Christmas Letter…………….

I just got finished writing our Christmas letter. I started this tradition last year (I stole it from someone else – didn’t think of it on my own). Basically you write a letter to yourself about the happenings of the year and then either the next year or many years down the road you read the letter. Sort of like a hard copy blog.

They are sort of like our own little time capsule. We are not going to read our 2009 letter for a few years.

As I wrote my letter this year I was not only exhausted by the amount of stuff that happened during the year but so happy to see that we were busy because we are surrounded by such wonderful people! We were there for them through hard times, happy times and they in turn were there for us. We are truly loved and lucky.

I look forward to 2011 which to tell you the truth I haven’t looked forward to a new year for a long time. I think I am realizing that I have to much to be happy about to let the sadness in – it will of course find me but I can’t stop that and it makes the happy times even better.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! May happiness find you wherever you are in 2011.


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