New Year’s resolutions

Yes I have already started thinking about next year. I have decided that this year my main resolution is 50 New Things!

Here how it works by the end of 2011 I want to have tried 50 new things. I have a list of few things I know I want to do – and the rest will come as the year goes by. For example I want to learn to play poker, try sushi, and go zip lining. I will keep track of the items and put a limit on how many times I include a certain category. An example would be with food – I can try tons of new foods but only 3 to 4 go on the list or learning new games only a few go on the list. This will keep me trying new things instead of just sticking to one category (cause that would be cheating).

This list also helps with my second resolution – to blog more. I have been super slow in the last few months but find that it is fun to go back and read previous posts. I think as the years pass it will be even more interesting to see what was bothering at the time and what was going in my life. Hopefully I can look back and mainly smile.

I am taking suggestions on new things to try – nothing to outrageous please. Depending on how this works I see this as being an ongoing resolution and upping the number.

Cheers to all you readers (if there is anyone out there)!

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