My absolute favorite holiday. This surprises many people – most think it’s St. Pat’s. Thanksgiving is all about family, friends and food. Three things near and dear to my heart.

There is no pressure to Thanksgiving – you go, you eat, you laugh. Plus (for me at least) 2 days off work! This year has brought its ups and downs as every year usually does. Despite the not so pleasant events I feel extremely thankful and blessed that I am surrounded by such wonderful people. This time of year also makes me think about those not in my life either my their choice or a higher power. I believe that people walk in and out your life for a reason. Sometimes this makes you a stronger person and sometimes it changes your whole perspective.

I think about the things that maybe I would like to change about my life how I can make an impact in this world or at least in one persons life. So I am kind of proactively starting to get my new resolutions in place.

I am excited about spending time with my out of town family, eating turkey and pumpkin pie and preparing for a hectic holiday season. Thanksgiving is the calm before the storm and in many ways I think the storm of 2011 is going to test me in many ways.

To my family and friends I am thankful to have you in my life. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

PS If you don’t want your pumpkin I will eat it – no whipped cream though! 😉


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