A craft for me alone!

I love to cross stitch and am often making a bib for some expecting mom to be in my life. Well one day as I was searching for new bib designs I came a across a winter table runner. I decided that I should make something I could display in our house that I made. This project took me a little longer than expected due to bib projects that needed to be completed and the fact that this was new territory for me. The material was thinner than what I was used to working with and the instructions a bit different as well.

However, I have finished the runner! Once we begin decorating for Christmas (which will be at least Dec 1 per my decorating rule) I will put the runner out for all to see. It was fun and a challenge to do a different type of project. In fact I got bit by the new project bug and am now working on an apron that has you guessed it cupcakes on it. I guess after I finish it I will need to learn how to cook. Now there is a project that could take a lifetime!!!


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