Saying Good-Bye….

This weekend we cleaned out my Pontiac Grand- Am in preparation for the American Cancer Society to take her away. The Grand- Am has given us tons of trouble and expensive bills over the years and I was often heard complaining about the car. But -there were many many many good times in that car–ok people get your minds out of the gutter!!!!! There have been road trips with family and friends, trips to the grocery stores at midnight for pound cake, secret trips to Mazio’s pizza (well at least threatened), trips to the Cardinals game etc…….

The Grand-Am started acting up earlier this year by not starting. Something in the security system thought my car was being stolen and then wouldn’t start for at least 10 min. I read many online message boards about other Grand-Am users having the same problem — and that the time it took to get her started increased as time went by.

To avoid me getting stuck anywhere Jake began driving the truck we own (a gift from his grandparents) and I began driving his car. So the Grand-Am just sat – and eventually got a flat tire. It was a sad sight to see. So we made the decision to donate her to the American Cancer Society.

As we cleaned her out I did have tears well up. My dad bought me that car and in small way it feels like I am saying goodbye to him all over again. I know the car will be better off but it’s still a hard thing for me to let go of. To most I am sure this all seems silly but I am a silly person and my emotions usually get the better of me.

We toasted her good luck on her next journey.


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