Today is a hard day for my family and me. It is the 2 year anniversary of losing my dad to cancer. My dad was an amazing person and I miss him everyday. We shared a wonderful father daughter relationship; he understood me, supported me, loved me, laughed at me, joked with me and even cried with me.

I feel so blessed that I got to spend 26 years with him that he walked me down the aisle at my wedding and that I can still feel how much he loves me even though he is gone. My good memories outweigh my bad memories by far. I use the good memories to get me through the tough times. I always try to smile when I think of him because I know that is is what he would have wanted. He was not afraid to die and took on his illness as just another part of life. I often ask myself what he would do in certain situations because he always had the right answers.

Yes we will shed many tears today but he is in a better place – out of pain enjoying his favorite foods and hobbies. Unfortunately I know he has a lot of company up there, but I also know that together they are watching over us and helping us.

I love you and miss you dad or MC or Mark or whatever nicknames you picked up throughout the years.


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