Yes I still buy CD’s….

So I recently got a 5.00 gift cert to Barnes and Nobel online. If you spend 25.00 you get free shipping so I thought I would 20 on myself. I filled my cart with some clearance stationary and other items but still hadn’t reach the 25.00 total. So I started to check out the CD’s.

I love musicals so when I came across Andrew Lloyd Weber’s greatest hits I had to have it and at 5.95 – it was a deal. Then I began searching for a CD that I lost when my car was stolen several years ago. I got the car back but many of the things inside were lost forever. At 4.95 I found my missing Amy Grant CD. Yes I was and still am an Amy Grant fan.

The CD’s arrived yesterday and I have been listening to them in my car ever since! I plan to put them on my Iphone Ipod so that I can enjoy them on our upcoming trip. Yes I know I a dork but a happy dork. We all have our quirks.

At least I didn’t buy cassettes!!


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