Book Bandwagon

I am usually not reading what everyone is reading i.e. I have no desire to open a Twilight book. A lot of this is due to the fact that I am reading through our bookshelf at home and a lot of the books are several years old or are from my husbands reading list – which can be a little different.

But the book I am now reading…………….Eat, Pray, Love. I found the book on Amazon in the “you might also like” section. When I bought the book I had no idea they were making it into a movie. So I am not reading it because they are making a movie based on the book. It sounded interesting and I needed to take a break from the bookshelf. Plus I wanted something light for our upcoming vacation.

The book I did buy has the original cover and not the movie cover so I don’t feel as bad. I enjoying reading but am usually not the one reading the “it” books which is totally fine with me.

Books open up my world and help me not only relax but feel more at ease with myself. Even though most of the books I am reading are fiction – there is an author behind them having those crazy thoughts.

Yes I am super excited about the many activities we have planed for our upcoming vacation but I am also equally excited to be lying by the pool in the middle of the week with my book (and my husband).

My next couple of books are not popular ones and I still have no desire to open a Twilight book. I liked vampires before they were cool and I’m OK with keeping it that way.

Happy Tuesday!


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