Did you miss me????

I have been totally slacking in the blogging aspect of my life. Things have been so crazy lately! First we caught one mouse on a glue trap on top of the stove – still alive and very fiesty. Jake was able to get it out the house after trapping it with another glue trap and removing part of the stove. We thought we were done with mice…….oh no on Monday there was another on the stove on a glue trap (we didn’t remove the traps right away). Terminx has been out to set bait and they think we got them all. The traps are still out and I imagine they will be for awhile. The funny part about the whole thing is how roles have switched -Jake normally the calm one about everything was freaking out and I was the one who was like it’s a mouse. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like them in the house and I screamed when we got the first one.

So after the great mouse adventure I headed to Table Rock Lake for my annual family reunion. I was only able to make it for a few days but was happy to get lake and family time in. We ate, we drank (a lot), we played games, we laughed a ton, we made jello shots it was WONDERFUL. I have such an amazing family we have so much fun together. I have included a couple pics from my camera phone. The lake is beautiful and they have the best fried chicken down there. We ate that a majority of the week -the last day we phoned in our order and it took an hour for them to make all of our chicken.

Now back to reality at least for about a month. Then Jake and I are taking our summer vacation. I know rough life right?


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