Crazy couple of days!!!

So this week has been crazy. First, Thursday night Jake say a mouse run across our kitchen counter so we have the kitchen totally booby trapped to catch the thing. I have never seen him this freaked out! He would not sleep in the house the night he saw the mouse. So we headed to my brothers for a sleepover.

He has avoided being in the house as much as possible. He even cut the grass to avoid being in the house. It’s so crazy he is usually the calm one.

Last night we attended St. Elizabeth’s night at the baseball game. After a 2 hour rain delay the game started at 9:30 and ended with a win just after 12:30. Jake got to go out on the field for batting practice and then they announced his name and his face was on the big screen!

I am looking forward to short work week this week. Thursday I am leaving for our annual family lake trip. This is the first time I have not been there for the entire week. Makes me sad but at least I am getting a few days. I will be nice to be surrounded by family and the lake we all love.

Hopefully life will slow down a little bit!

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