A Cleansing so to speak…………..

Do I really need to know Kohl’s is having a sale? That prints at Walgreen’s are .19 for 3 days? Recently I have realized that I get so much email that I don’t even read and just delete. So I have decided to Unsubscribe to at least one email a day – of those that I just delete.

This should be not only a time saver but will help avoid the temptation of shopping because they send me a coupon.

Along with shedding my email weight I am trying to shed some pounds as well. I am even going as far as morning workouts (starting this Monday – I promise). Since I have joined the Y I am trying to make an effort to join the fitness classes. They are free since I a member so Monday I am trying the cycling class starting at 5:30am and then Tuesday it’s Zumba at 6:30am. Followed by kickboxing on Wednesday night.

I am not sure if I will keep up the morning workout routine. Right now I am just testing the waters to see what works. It maybe that I just get up and do the treadmill or run outside. I am hoping to have at least one morning during the week that I get some kind of workout in followed by at least 2 week nights of working out. But who knows I may really like the morning workout. Should make for some good blogging.

I plan to weigh myself this week before I start so I can keep track of progress.

Wish me luck! I am going to need it!

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