Bucket List

I have not seen the movie the Bucket List but have put together a few items that I want to complete in life.

One of the many things on the list is reading all the books in our bookshelf downstairs. I started on this effort about a year and a half ago and have made a slight dent- however that husband of mine keeps buying more books! Although any new books he has bought I have keep off the book shelf for the time being. Once I finish all the books that were on the shelf when I started this venture I will start on the (ever growing) new stack. I have 21 more books to read before starting the new stack. Which means have read 56 off the bookshelf – a note though- some of the books on the shelf were mine that I brought with me when I moved in and I had read already or read before starting this bucket list item. Still a majority I would never have touched but found I enjoyed.

I enjoy reading and it’s fun to be able to talk about books with Jake. We have some similar tastes but usually don’t agree on what we think is a good book.

A benefit of this list item is that I am reading some of the classics – and will eventually read Modern Library’s top 100 books.

Sometimes I look at the book shelf and think what was I thinking??? And others I am proud of myself for taking a step outside my comfort zone.

Well back to reading……after watching the Cardinals game of course.

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