What I did in August….

September is here! I am both excited and in disbelief that we are approaching fall. But first a quick look back at my August

I read two books
The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August 
It was ok, a little to science fictiony for me.


Woman No. 17 I mainly read this one at the pool, it was pretty good

I listened to one book:
Good in Bed (Cannie Shapiro, #1) 
I recently have found a new author – Jennifer Weiner- who has most of her books on CD. They are great for my daily commute and on a run. 


I wrote one blog post.

I ran 42.8 miles. I am training for 2 half marathons (STL 9/16 and Chicago 10/21)

I was interviewed for a running podcast ( Human Race by Runner’s World). Not sure if I will make the cut, but it was cool to be interviewed by someone I listen to each week!

I went to 2 Cardinals game– and got to see a Tony Pham walk off home run!

I played Quilt bingo – but didn’t win anything (boo!)

I attended a fundraiser at Willow for the American Cancer Society.

I resigned from my position at Washington Unversity and accepted a new position at Centene as a project manager.

It has been a busy month with lots of excitement and new challenges! Stay tuned for what I did in September.



Let’s be real

I once heard a quote that said (something like) –don’t judge yourself by someone’s else’s swagger. Think about it, when you post something it’s usually when you are doing something cool or fun, eating something out of this world or has taken 15 takes to get a good shot.

When I heard this I thought this is amazing advice, but I am still slow to fully accept it. As I was cleaning out my email, I came across this picture of my from my most recent half marathon:

running pic

I look like I am dying and defeated. But really the camera just caught me during one of my two walk breaks I took during the race. I was happy with my finish time and came in roughly where I usually do. This was buried in my email because when I look at it, I don’t see the confident happy runner that I see in this picture.

bazu-7353613 (1)

The picture I knew was coming and prepared for as I crossed the finish line. But the truth is both of these are pictures of me, both of these are the ins and outs of running. Sometimes you are two thumbs up happy and sometimes you just need a break.

Would I post the less flattering picture of me, to be honest…nope! Should I post it…..yes. It’s real. It’s me. It’s life.

So the next time you think, wow that person lives a fabulous all the time and doesn’t have any problems; remember my running photos and know that behind every great photo is a not so great photo. Try not to fall into the trap of judging yourself by others online swagger. Everyone is fighting a battle but sometimes it’s just not that visible. Sometimes we highlight the fabulous aspects to cover up the crap in our lives.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t post your vacation or fabulous pictures. I want you to remember that we all fighting demons and battles. That each day is a new day to try your best, whatever that looks like.



The Kitchen Series: Episode 1- Desserts

Back in the day before Pinterest was invented…yes back in those dark dark days….I used to tear out recipes from magazines. Which was great, it gave me binders upon binders of recipes to have on hand. The problem, once they made it to the binder they never left. The same thing seemed to happen with pins on Pinterest. So as one my bullet journal goals (not sure what a bullet journal is…check it out here) I am going to incorporate the kitchen series.

I picked a few sweet things to get back into the swing of things.

The first thing I made were cereal ice cream cups. This was a recipe I tore out a magazine and then put in my dessert binder. Basically these are rice krispie treats you shape into bowls. I used golden grahams because I thought they might hold together better. I used a cupcake tin to form the bowls. I wasn’t too impressed so this recipe met with the recycle bin.

The next one I tried was  Cookie Dough Ice Cream sandwiches. Major win! They are no bake, always a plus during hot summer days. The cookie dough doesn’t have eggs in it so it safe to eat (as if they would have stopped me). The recipe wants you to make them in more of a square shape but I liked the round shaping better. I had extra dough so I rolled those into balls and have been putting them into just plain ice cream as a fun add in. Highly recommended!

Another  Pinterest recipe I tried was  antique caramel cake. I had high hopes for this one. My family loves caramel but this was a let down. The only thing that makes it caramel is the frosting. The cake part is pretty bland and nothing special. This was one got the delete button even though I did like the caramel recipe.  I know  I won’t go back specifically for the recipe.

I hope to do a kitchen series post once a month, with a mix of Pinterest and binder recipes. Stay tuned for the next edition.